Imperial Teen


/merge; 2003/




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Firstly, you should read the Cellar review before reading this one. Thank you.

The answer is : stop doing music.

I have not been as much deceived by a long awaited album since Frank Black’s. This album is shit. Shit with unbearable keyboards. I cannot believe they have possibly worked on this album for the last 7 years, they must have been resting 6 days a week or got sick, or traveled to Canada and got kidnapped by Santa Claus. Considering that the lyrics are basically of the same kind, the music is the problem. There are some disco things, insolent keyboards lines and simplicity has turned to poverty. There is no imagination here, pass your way.

Damn! It is a real pain in the ass to me. I could not find the words to say how much I liked the first album but I won’t go any further here to say how bad is this one.

Read the cellar review for a little joy.

P.S : I have just found out that “On” is Imperial Teen’s third album in fact, but it is not an excuse.

-Angus A.A Anderson Sr.

/may 15th 2003/