The Go Find
/morr; 2004/

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I think i may very well become a riot grrrl one of these days. I have so much time on my hands.

The Go Find is Morr's new signing. And it's nice. Electro pop, somewhere between The Notwist -the pop sensibility but without Acher's romantic delicacy- and New Order -some of the songs on Miami could really become slow-motion nightclubs anthems. It's pretty good. I was with my dad when i first listened to it, car ride to some woods where we like to wander, and i had received a bunch of cds to review and this is the only one my dad liked. He was not in the mood for quiet folksters, electronic experimentation or riot girls with korgs.

So it sounds nice. The Go Find is just one guy from Belgium, helped by Arne Van Petegem aka Styrofoam. It sounds a bit like Styrofoam with a catchier pop edge (which is nice). Songs: you gotta love "Summer Guest's" chorus and keyboards, "What I Want" is a cute pink synth-pop bomb, "City Dreamer" sounds bare, a bit like Lali Puna but without the politics, "Sky Window" sounds like DNTEL (but not as good though), "Bleeding Heart" could be a hit, "Modern times" sounds like poppier Notwist, "The Party" is a late-night soother, with beach boys harmonies and a cute falsetto (it makes me think of stina nordenstam but it's probably irrelevant), "Igloo" is a bit too poppy, the chorus ("like summer in december") makes me think of a lost 90s hit that i can't pin down right now (it's driving me insane), "Blisters on My Thumb" is a nice closer.

It sounds all really cool and nice (too bad it's released in the Fall, this records reaks of sea and sun) but to be frank the songwriting prevents it from being utterly great. It's far from being bad, but at times i felt like i had already heard these lines a hundred times, it prevented me from going past the "pop" edge and to turn the listening into a deeper experience. But maybe i'm being difficult.

-Barbara H

/sept 15th 2004/