Guitar Wolf
/narnack; 2004/

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Only Angels Have Wings must be in great trouble to ask me to write another review. Please, believe me and follow my advice : join the team and write some good fucking reviews or I’m going to keep on telling bullshit about good records.

What? Another Guitar Wolf record? You must be kidding! After all, UFO Romantics is not that old! Yeah kid. The crazy japanese rockers are back. Your ears are going to bleed once again and you’ll have to buy new speakers. By the way, beware of the end of track number two, entitled “Demon Card”. Good feedback, but terribly long. Anyway, Guitar Wolf is just about rock n’ roll exaggeration, isn’t it?

Well, I don’t really know what else could be said about Guitar Wolf that I have not already said in my terrific review of their last record. Let’s start with something raw. Nothing has changed. They still play too loud, the sound is awfully crunchy and the songs are still the same (The Ramones fighting with The MC5, while The Who and some of the 60’s garage bands are arguing about who is playing the loudest. Joan Jett smokes cigarettes, joyfully watching over). If you have ever listened to Guitar Wolf before, you will enjoy this record. If you are not interested, you can still listen to the Libertines or any phony rock band.

Because this is what this is all about (and what I might have been talking about the last time...). Thanks Satan, there are still bands like Guitar Wolf. Bands that have not changed since they started and that will never change. Ok, the sound on Jet Generation was incredible and it might be their masterpiece. Alright, you can also add that they are only repeating themselves (and 17 songs on a record is quite long when you’re repeating yourself), but that is exactly what is interesting. They're gonna go on destroying every loudspeaker they encounter until none remains.

AC/DC has been writing songs with the same chords since 1975. Guitar Wolf will play rock n’roll on this planet until there is no zombie left alive (or dead? After all, is a zombie alive or dead? When there is no more room in hell, the deads come back to earth).

Get to your conclusion, you phony reviewer! Alright. If you want to buy a record by this incredible band but only find Loverock in your local store, don’t hesitate, but try to get Jet Generation or the previous ones later on.

-Horace de Tupolev

/nov 1st 2004/