Gravy Train!!!!
Are You Wigglin ?
/kill rock stars; 2005/


Gravy Train!!!! would be fun if they sounded better (read: exciting, not annoying). Gravy Train!!!! would work as a conscious parody if they actually said something half interesting. As it stands, this is one annoying band that has nothing to say. They may look as if they are having a ball and I’ve heard that their live shows are a good time, but hearing this music anytime when you are not getting fucked is just not meant to happen.

Gravy Train!!!! have two male and two female members. The two male members are gay (maybe they’re joking?) and the two female members are the biggest sluts you’re likely to come across (also, this is debatable). The songs sound like B-52’s on cocaine—fast, obnoxious and devoid of sincerity/intellect. This type of wild, kinetic music is being done so much better by bands like Polysics (for the spaz) and Peaches (for the fuck). This ‘full length’ is about twenty minutes long (half the EP’s in my collection are longer than that) and things still get old quick. Are You Wigglin? is a waste of time unless you are a lover of irony (fyi: it is in fact dead and embarrassing) or fucking.

- Andrew Iliadis

/december 2005/