Benjamin Gibbard & Andrew Kenny
Home ep
/post-parlo; 2003 - re: morr; 2005/


I had already reviewed this great record which is now being re-released by Morr for Europe. It was originally released as the fifth volume of post parlo's limited "Home" series. It's the most analog Morr release so far and It's very good. I don't feel like writing the same review twice, so i'll paste the old one here. The new album cover is beautiful.

I've never been a big Death Cab for Cutie fan but I like American Analog Set. The bands' two songwriters both wrote four songs for this split release, part of post parlo's limited "Home" series. And well, it's good. Ben Gibbard (DCFC) sings really, really well. His songs are great daydream material. The ep is very well constructed and ends up sounding great as a whole, and is more than a side project on these two artists' résumés. Unsurprisingly Gibbard's songs end up being more traditional than Kenny's. I've always liked American Analog Set's lo-fi sense of experimentation. Despite their differences the two songwriters evolve on common grounds and this split ep ends up sounding more like a collaboration than like a split release, even though they only "collaborated" on two of the songs (Choir Vandals, written by Kenny and sung by Gibbard and Line of Best Fit, written by Gibbard and sung by Kenny).

In other words, eight great songs and an impressive and surprisingly cohesive ep.

-Barbara H

/mar 1st 2005/