The FantômasMelvins Big Band 
Millenium Monsterwork
/ipecac; 2002/

rating : 6




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Have you ever heard anything about deconstruction? If you are eager to be labeled as a “modern deconstuctionnist decipherer”, maybe you should try a fix of this one. I won’t even try to define the concept of deconstruction but don’t you think it is cool to use some complicated words once in a while in a musical review ? Now let me be a fascist : if you are into 3 minutes and 13 seconds radio electro-pop music, then back off !! Thanks. It is only for your good.

I more or less discovered Fantômas with this live album where they intermingle with the Melvins. I once saw on TV a one minute long excerpt from a live performance and did not understand at first that they had played two songs. I thought they were tuning up. Matt le Rock played some for me too. 

Fantômas is Mike Patton (ex-Faith No More and various solo projects), King Buzzo (Melvins), Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer) and Trevor Dunn. The rest of the Melvins joined them for this new year’s eve 2000 concert. Fantômas is the brainchild of Mike Patton. The name comes from a series of French crime thriller novels. The music is unique. (I cannot think of another word) and grows on you progressively. Yet, more than half of the tracks are spasmodic and chaotic bits and pieces of songs with Patton screaming or pretending to be the leader of a sentenced choir. His howling comes with some savage punk rock guitar tricks, a submarine sonar or simply with heavy drumming. You must expect the unexpected. Their music amazingly functions on surprise and this conveys the band’s mastering of their art. The “more structured” songs (Night Goat, The Bit, Ol’ Black Stooges,…) sound like a mixing of heavy metal, stoner and punk, along with this sometimes high pitched voice that never rests. Some of these songs remind me of Tool for their slow metal accents and I believe these must be Melvins’ tunes.

I only wish this album was longer but then I should have to wonder how patient I am. If you overcome the first chills, you will appreciate and smile too.

--Angus Anderson

/sept  15th 2002/