Jerry Fels
I've Made my Bed and Now I'm Lying in It
/nobody's favorite; 2003/



more info:

My ex-ex-flatmate used to play Ben Lee a lot when she was lying full prone on the sofa, half conscious of time passing by and half aware of the antique princess posture she presented to me. And then I am pretty sure that she would have liked this self written, self recorded and self produced album. ‘I’ve Made my Bed…’ is a nice collection of naïve ballads, in between acoustic pop and lonesome folk, easy on the ear indeed.

Among the best, songs like ‘Bury the Boyfriend’, “Left Right Left”, “What you Own” and “The size of your head”  confirm Jerry Fels’s interest for minimalism and straightforward naivety, sometimes echoing Beck’s One Foot in the Grave and constantly reverberating Ben Lee’s influence. “Battle of 2 Boys”, “I’d do this for you” are predictably weaker because of the use of an awful drum machine that was meant to bring more original sounds in the first place I guess.

However good the songs are individually, the seventeen tracks of this debut (?) album are repetitive, a good recipe ought not to be stretched out over 17 songs, even if the whole thing is just 33 minutes. More of it would have been too much of it.

-Angus ‘lokomotiv’ Anderson

/dec 15th 2003/