French Kicks
Young Lawyer ep
/star time; 2002/

rating : 6.5




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The French Kicks are one more band from New York, and they're not the worst one to come from the over-hyped big apple. Their music sounds a little english actually. Like a rawer Blur, with a heavy mod influence. Greg Talenfeld's (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Pavement) production makes it sound a little too raw sometimes. Some tracks are impressive (Young Lawyer and The 88) some fail to impress, mainly because of the production. My favourite song on the ep is "Call Our Hands," featuring a great chorus. This ep was released in Europe through Alan Mc Gee's poptones label with extra tracks from an earlier ep. And these extra tracks are impressive, especially "So Many Cakes," in which the French Kicks slow down and really make us want to hear more from them. The French Kicks' debut lp should be out this Spring on Star Time records (and hopefully on Poptones in Europe) and after listening to "Wrong Side" (available on their website) we can only hope that all the songs on it will be as good as it.

-Barbara H.