The Four Marys
Sweet and Sour ep
/pitch; 2004/

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FOR: Trying to write a good and interesting to read review.

What I like is her straightforwardness. Her only words would be sufficient for a review, no need to spend empty afternoons trying to find synonyms for ‘atmosphere’, ‘refreshing’ or even ‘good’ with your computer dictionary. She has been able to evaluate her own material so briefly and so accurately that I cannot but typewrite her own words:

Hi there, it’s Christiane from The Four Marys here. This is The Four Marys first EP, Sweet and Sour, for your listening pleasure. We are an all girl band based in Newcastle and we love bands like The Butchees, Shellac, Sleater-Kinney, Le Tigre and Slint; and this has influenced our music to some degree.

For me it’s the ‘to some degree’ precision that is important here, and challenges me to write a decent review for a good (fine, excellent, first rate,…) EP. The influences are there, especially SK for the female singing, and yet it’s ok. I like SK. Let’s say that the music is alternatively crunchy, overdriven, melodic and raw. I like SK. The songs are efficiently short and catchy. I like SK. This four track EP is a  promising one but I guess we need the unbiased judgment of a non Sleater Kinney fan here.

AGAINST: Five reasons why I should not review this promising EP:

1.    1. Well, as I already said 3 times in the previous lines, it’s an EP. That is to say, enough to warm you up a little and to short not to feel deprived of something really interesting.

2.        2. It’s frustrating and yet appealing to meet someone who can differentiate the loving of a band and its influence on her music. And then produce her own material, with sane echoes but no pirate borrowings.

3.        3. I cannot help thinking dirty when I hear ‘all girl band’. I guess half of you know what I mean. Dave Rebel knows.

4.        4. I should be filling some administrative papers to find a job instead of fantasising on pretty lesbians with guitars. Gulp. I hope the other half who did not understand n°3 can excuse me for that.

5.        5. If you expected more explanations when you started reading this page then I'll sum it up for you fool : sweet and sour, all girl, Sleater Kinney, to some degree.

Bye bye away my Balthazar.

-Angus ‘half of me is right’ Anderson.

/oct 15th 2004/