Foo Fighters
In Your Honor
/rca; 2005/


How is it that I still think Foo Fighters is a great band and that every other album is going to be a brainwashing return to the roots of 1995, visiting is pretty visiting is good…??

And I don’t think that hiring a guy who played the drums for Alanis Morissette during her second world tour (no offence Al) is the only reason why the Foos only made 2 good albums out of 5 (or 6?). Maybe the loss of Pat ‘I’m so cool when I play guitar! See! I am on stage with Nirvana and I’m so happy’ Smear is more significant. Anyway, with the kickin’ ass Probot album last year, I childishly believed that sir Dave Grohl would pour some of his metal con-science into the dull world of the Flying Saucers Fighters. Specially when I learnt that Lord Josh Homme was to get involved.

Oh boy!

In Your Honor is a bad soup served in a college radio fast food. It’s so American in sound and mojo. Un-inspired and flat, only a few songs worth remembering. And it’s a double course. But for once it’s the single, ‘Best of You’, that is almost the only thing to be saved from the album. Catchy, and good vocals. Apart from that, my attention was rarely drawn away from the girl I was trying to catch a glimpse of thru the windows while listening to the music. Cause you know, having Norah Jones singing on a bossa nova tune can do a lot of harm to a hard on. I’m not going to waste my brain for a deeper insight. Be responsible for your actions.

-Angus this album is less than nothing Anderson.

/october 2005/