Suspended Animation
/ipecac; 2005/



Here is a short one.

You may be glad to know that I have finally abandoned the idea of trying to understand music. And this has a lot to do with the new Fantomas album, plus several endless conversation about music with an occasional roommate of mine. I do not have the heart to play ‘Suspended Animation’ to him because I know it would force him to reconsider his fragile relationship with his own music and the art of music in general, radio-like, indie-like or music-like.

After master conceptual one track record ‘Delirium Cordia’ last year, Fantomas is back with a ‘more simple’ one. Genuinely subtitled ’30 miniature holidays in 43 minutes’, this new record from the Patton division is more like ‘Amenazar al mundo’, that is to say heavy grind material somehow divided into chapters. If you are already into the Fantomas genre, you won’t be deceived by this one. One could say that it’s even more twisted, especially because of the cartoon-like interludes made of samples mostly. The 30 tracks follow the days of the month of April 2005, don’t ask me what’s the concept behind it. The limited deluxe edition contains an illustrated calendar, a little manga-like, that’s really beautiful and that reinforces the messed up world you have entered. Just like the previous records, you cannot and must not think in terms of  traditional song structure when you listen. Key word is surprise, every time you play the album.

If you can find it, buy it and play it to one of your car crashed former buddy in order to teach him that there are more abnormal persons than him on this planet. But these are worth listening to.

-Angus Anderson and sons

/may 15th 2005/