The Evens
The Evens
/dischord; 2005/


My dreams are becoming weirder and weirder, i can hardly untangle them anymore. Some night last week, either drunk or uncounscious, i dreamt that I was walking in a street that seemed like it was mine (except it wasn't) and i was listening to The Evens in my head. I was singing along to "All These Governors," one of the very best songs from this solid and consistent release. And at some point i realize that somebody in one of these old buildings is playing the very same song. It's sunny and all the building windows are open wide, letting light and warmth in, trying to throw rainy depression out. And at that point I'm sure that the person playing this song is the sweetest girl ever. We're going to get together, have hot sex and intense conversations about stuff. We will never ever argue and be happy forever. And as i start smiling at that thought one of those record-store clerk type guys looks out the window. When I woke up i was feeling a little disappointed: lately i've become used to feeling that way, but, really, what is there left for me to do if disillusion reaches me as far as in my sleep?

Thank you for thinking about it. This record is brilliant, indie-pop with sharp lyrics and great riffs. Amy Farina's drumming is inventive and very dynamic, while Ian McKaye's unleashes some of his most political songs in a while, and they sound impressively direct considering the laid-back set-up. Fugazi fans may end up disappointed by the lack of fury and distorsion, but then again the nineties are getting old. The Evens' debut album is the best Dischord release in a while, and one of 2005's very best records.

-Barbara H

/apr 15th 2005/