Enregistré par Steve Albini
The Ephemera's Worship
/self-released; 2005/






For our readers who do not speak french, this Strasbourg-based post-rock band is named “Recorded by Steve Albini”. When I first read this name, I thought that it was a joke band but it is a real one and you can download their first demo entitled The ephemera’s Worship from their website.

Enregistré Par Steve Albini plays good old-school emo-core, reminiscent of Dischord’s Jawbox and frenchmen Prohibition, staccato riffs and angular arpeggioes, powerful rythmic section. They seem to constantly take pleasure in messing with this formula, running towards free-jazz / improvised post-rock and back again, guided by a sharp, tempestuous sax. When the saxophone plays themes, the music is close to Sweep The leg Johnny, only darker. When noise takes possession of the saxophone, the atmosphere reminds you of schizophrenic God is My Co-Pilot, without the half-funny half-insane female vocals.

The Ephemera’s Worship is the best demo I’ve heard in a while and it does not sound like one (you know the kind of demo you used to record in your drummer’s parents’ garage with the help of the guy who had a four-track tape recorder).

-SEB ‘Shady Corridor’ WOOd.

/may 15th 2005/