The Dresden Dolls
The Dresden Dolls
/eight foot; 2003/



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I don't know why i keep doing this to myself. Parties, shows, rehearsals, in the end i only feel a bit lonelier. Yesterday i dj'd in a bar and today i'm putting up a show, and apart from personal satisfaction, i'm getting nothing out of it. I wish anything could make sense.

The Dresden Dolls' debut album is all i've succeeded in listening to this week. It's one of the best albums i've listened to in a long time. Its major strength is its multi-dimensional aspect: there are pop songs, sad songs, bitter songs, funny songs and they all make sense. The band could seem limited, because of its formation: Amanda Palmer plays piano and sings, Brian Viglione plays drums, and guitar sometimes. They sound like a 21st century update of 1920 Cabaret, mixed with elements from the 20th century's pop and punk culture. And as a result, the songs are quite different from one another on this record, from the demented "Girl Anachronism" to the poppy "Coin-Operated Boy" to the beautiful "Truce."

Of course i never like anything more than music that sounds twisted and insane. People who project their inner insanity into their music are probably bound to be mentally healthier than the average songwriter but, by doing so they also create a music that sounds terribly affecting. 

So, I'm slowly falling in love with Amanda Palmer, she stands out as a brilliant songwriter as well as an impressive singer. And she's quite a character, singing about intimate but universal things, smarter and more subtle than most of the songwriters out there. Her songs are deep, affecting, sometimes funny, often bitter but always gorgeous.

This is your new favourite band.

-Barbara H

/feb 15th 2004/