The Distillers 
Coral Fang
/warner; 2003/



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January 17th 2004, 1 am

I've been listening to girls singing songs for about a week. the only exceptions have been the Walkmen (dry-cleaned testosterone) and Air (girl music). I have been listening to: My Bloody Valentine, Mirah, Múm, Fiona Apple, The Dresden Dolls and The Distillers.

The Distillers aren't really punk. They sound like Live Through This-era Hole. And that's a good thing because, no matter how hard girls have been trying to sound like good ol'Courtney, i can think of no post-LTT album as impressive as Coral Fang

The trucker driver girl is named Brodie Dalle (she used to be the married to the Rancid guy and now she's dating Josh Homme) and well, she sounds a lot like Courtney Love, but without the stupid lyrics (i know, she used to be a great writer but now she's just a shallow crack whore). Sometimes she even sounds a bit manlier.

The songs are just so damn good. Catchy hooks, pop harmonies, a poisonous tongue you can't help but listen to and an oppressive sense of emergency (i know, pretty redundant). "The Hunger" is my favourite right now. I can't help but love the epic ending. "For tonight You're Only Mine" is impressive as well, with its Kiss guitar lead. For the first time since 1994 (Celebrity Skin just doesn't count and the first one to mention Elastica gets a beating) a band fronted by a gorgeous death angel girl offers great compositions you can't escape from. No you can't. Sometimes you have to let the anger go.


-Barbara H

/may 15th 2004/