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A few seconds into "Nobody's Perfect," the album's opener, and you can tell that Dios come from California. No, they are not a South American Christian rock band (even though i'd like to listen to something like that for a change) they're nice guys playing sad but sunny psyche-pop songs, dreamy just like "California Dreaming." 


I think it's important to mention that there are NO STRINGS in this record. That's right. Straight edge psychedelic pop. There are nice arrangements, Beach Boys guitar lines, nice backing vocals, but the best thing about this record is that the guys from Dios are true, old fashioned hippies, meaning that they don't sound like they're on speed. or cocaine. If these guys get high on anything, it's good ol' Californian pot.


"Nobody's Perfect" is a brilliant opener, setting the quality very high. "Starting Five" is POP, shiny and free, with ooh ooh oohs, birds singing and children playing. "The Uncertainty" features tape loops and a cloudy organ that makes me think of Air's soundtrack for The Virgin Suicides. "50 Cents" starts well, just a guitar and a singer, and then you're hit on the nose with an accapela exerpt from Pet Sounds. It ends well, just like all the other songs. These guys know how to end songs. I guess the key is to take the time to do things properly -and as i made clear earlier, they don't sound like they're in a rush.


"All is Said and Done" could have been a Radio hit in 1964. "You'll Get Yours" sounds a bit more like British Invasion material than like a California anthem. It's still great though. Makes me think of Wilco. "Birds" is a lapsteel guitar, an acoustic guitar and a singer. "Just another Girl" reminds me of Elliott Smith, it probably means that it sounds like Nick Drake. "You Got Me All Wrong" is my favourite. It simply rules. and now i'm tired of talking about songs.


It would be a perfect album for Summertime, but i guess now it can only be a perfect album for Springtime. If only it were Summer, I could listen to this album while floating in a desert swimming pool, trying not to drown.


oh, and i just wanted to say, fuck the Warlocks. 


-Barbara H

/apr 1st 2004/