Aaron Dilloway / Prurient
Disappearance of the Mayas
/hospital productions; 2005/






This release had so much potential! Prurient is one of the most brutal noise acts recording and performing these days. His records and live shows consist of hair-raising feedback and power-electronics coupled with his distorted screams and shrieks that recite bizarre and chilling poetry. His whole body shakes and his veins are visible from across the room. Aaron Dilloway is notorious for putting contact microphones into his mouth and making the sounds of electronic death along to mechanical rhythms of static and field recordings. But this release barely has any of that. The four, ten-minute tapes are set inside a plastic box that is about the size of a VHS. Only one side of the tapes is labeled and there are no numbers or words included inside the box. Each of the tapes is five minutes long and this is both kind of cool and miserably frustrating. Hospital Production is selling it for twenty-seven dollars and that's more money than I'd like to spend on garbage (not that this is garbage!), so I emailed Aaron Dilloway to ask him about the release. To quote him, he said "It's pretty cool, but the tapes always go out right when it gets good." I then asked him if there are any of Prurient's vocals on it, which are so wonderfully insane. His reply was "yeah, I think there's a side with both of us just screaming." That sounds promising right?! Well I listened to the whole forty minutes and it's basically the same sounds over and over. Most of the"songs" are basically a weird rumbling sound with clicks and some pretty meek feedback. I didn't hear anything that resembled two people screaming at each other, just some mumbling for a second. If someone gave me this for free I would happily accept it. It's not worth the price just to say you own it, though. You end up changing tapes more than hearing anything remarkable,

-Scott Moore

/december 2005/