The Cansecos
The Cansecos
/upper class; 2005/


I know what you’re thinking.  What kind of drugs must I be on to keep having to miss cool releases and then do a catch up review way after the fact?  Nicotine and coffee, actually.  You see, the biggest problem is that Only Angels Have Wings gets a ton of records to review, and seeing as how we are a shoe string indie zine (read: poor students and laborers), getting through all of them takes time.  I wish I caught this one but alas, it eluded my grasp for months.  The Cansecos are from Toronto (comme moi), and are a very talented band so I felt particularly guilty about this delay.  Sorry bro’s.

 Yes, The Cansecos deserve the OAHW late-review catch up like other greats who have received the same honor (Ghost, The Fiery Furnaces, etc).  They play really good pop music, not so dissimilar from their label mates The Russian Futurists.  What they share in common are hip-hop beats and a white indie-guy singing over said beats; though this ain’t hip-hop—it’s more indie pop.  This debut record from The Cansecos has tons of electronics, but somehow they manage to sound organic and very human.  Rather than cool beats, this record is chalk full of warm melodies and soft electronic tones.  If I had to, I’d say this album sounds like chocolate pudding bubbling on top of a stove and Lite-Brite.  Ok, I promise never to do that again. 

“Faster Than You Go” was the first standout track when I checked out the band long ago but now “What It Was You Said” is hands down my personal favorite here, on a record that is among my personal favorites.  I must have played it on the radio like a hundred times.  Shit I feel silly cause you’ve probably read about this so long ago, but at least I can bring it back to attention for some of you.  Anyway since you can read about the specifics elsewhere (and as I write this I am actually rushing to leave for a CD release party where The Russian Futurists and The Cansecos are playing), all I’ll say is that if you are a fan of pop or hip-hop or indie music or anything that is good, you should check this release out.

- Andrew Iliadis

/may 1st 2005/