Noah's Ark
/touch & go; 2005/


Just like spring in September, Coco Rosie is an oddity in the music of these troubled days. Their music is a collision between folk guitar, human beatbox, children toys, harpsichord, operetta and pop somehow. PJ Harvey purists and indie record store guys would bark when listening to their second album or at least pretend to do so with provocative make up and elaborated machinery. Yeah, you never really know these guys. 2 key questions about PJ Harvey purists and record sellers: How come they think a 60 pounds girl playing guitar is sexy? What's behind the counter?

Anyway, the main reason why I like Coco Rosie is simply because it’s nice, and the main reason why they dislike Coco Rosie is because it’s nice. So it’s just a question of people vs the people. I must admit that the arty thing with the covers is a bit ‘too much’. Noah’s Ark cover looks like three horses performing combined sodomy. ??? But i am a little tired of sex.

Anyway, the album, just like the previous one is made of lots of gentle naïve ballads with emotive singing, catchy and compelling. This is really a meelow album.You need to have a girlfriend in your arms to enjoy it at your best.

So where is the catch? Well, i think i'll be tired after the third album if it's still so very predictable. We are not dealing with songs for history, just for a good moment.

-Angus ‘how short can you go’ Anderson.

/october 2005/