Maryland Mansions
/jade tree; 2004/



more info:


Cex is 21 years old Ryan Kidwell. He used to be an IDM composer on the tigerbeat6 rooster (along with KID606) and then he started rapping, released a great album on Temporary Residence (Being Ridden) and signed with Jade Tree. This 8 tracks cd is his first release for the label and it simply rules. 


It sounds a bit like Hood+cLOUDDEAD meet Trent Reznor. There's something about the record that reminds me of a colder, more metallic Cold House, mainly because of the acoustic guitars and kidwell's white boy flow. Then there are thunder beats shot with a uzi, barely tamed electric guitars and self deceptive lines such as i wanna make a record instead of taking drugs, reminiscent of the clear-sighted man Reznor used to be.


My favourite line in the album is i don't need my eyes to see/ my eyes have only lied to me. "Take Pills" is one of my favourites, no furious guitars here, he sounds wiser than he'll probably ever be, conscious and focused. Some tracks are noisier than others, and some are really beautiful. "Kill Me" sounds like a revigorated NIN, same fury, same cold emergency. I'll apologize for the myth of my life for the rest of my life for ever


The two final tracks are not as good as the rest of the ep. "Stillnaut Rjyan" sounds like a tribute to Bowie's "Space Oddity" (Kidwell copied Bowie's pose on the Heroes cover for the Being Ridden album cover). It sounds like a R&B track produced by Alec Empire. "The Strong Suit" is really strange. It starts in a ragga fashion and grows more and more oppressively worrying until its end. 


STILL, Maryland Mansions shows great talent and is a promise of great things to come. Remember, he's only 21. 


-Barbara H

/mar 15th 2004/