B. Balthazar
Sweet Receiver ep
/self-released; 2001/

rating : I don't like marks but Barbara "the boss" H compels me to: 7



more info :
www.sweetreceiver.com www.chokebore.net 

I’ve always thought that the best gigs are those in which the band manages to convey a lot of emotion. CHOKEBORE is definitely one of these bands. You always like to see them play their touching songs, be they full of energy or deeply slow. I worship « A taste for bitters » and « Black Black » at the altar of emotion and I’m impatiently waiting for the forthcoming album « It’s a miracle ».

« Strangelines ep » has been a taster and this Bbalthazar ep is another one since these songs have been made up by the same man. Chokebore’s shade overcasts very much our relation to these 3 songs although they are like stripped and then covered with slightly different arrangements. In fact, Bbalthazar played them all by himself.

The first song « Enemies » is a tuneful pop song (dealing with sincerity) which is handled roughly. Conversely, « One last happiness » points at these slow, down-tempo Chokebore songs. It is encrusted with what makes Chokebore a particular band. My favourite song on this ep is « Sweet Receiver », a melancholy song played on a quavering, half out-of-tune piano. It makes me think of « Where is the assassin ? » from « Black Black ». It is a great song about departure and forgiveness. The piano’s echo reinforces the trembling voice which utters dolefully « I want to carry your soul away. My sweet receiver.» Thus ends this ep. This last song surely carries our souls away. It is sad. It is beautiful. That’s the way we expect the full lenght album whose recording has been postponed in favour of the new Chokebore album that we expect to be sad as well. Beautifully sad.