Lou Barlow
/domino; 2005/

more info:

Dear Franny,

Isn't it strange how all of a sudden we're all almost grown-ups?

As you can see I have sent you a record with this letter. This is a universal record by a genuine loser. Of course, Lou Barlow isn't your typical loser. He is not overweight, doesn't live at his mother's and does not hangs in bars everynight waiting for a girl who would talk to him. He just lives the indie life. Which isn't that spectacular when you think of it. The last song is about his cat. I wonder what SEB WOOd thinks of it. He likes cats but can't stand it when people write songs about pets. I think Lou Barlow loses brilliantly, and i'm sure our slacker friend will agree. He was disappointed by this record, he was expecting too much, a masterpiece from an understated genius. I'm not really disappointed, i like Emoh. It's a bit warmer than the Folk Imposion records, there's still the same familiar voice that spoke to us and just us when we listened to Harmacy. and there are impressive songs, less lo-fi than the budget Sentridoh recordings but still not hi-fi. med-fi. there's "Puzzle," "Home," "Caterpillar Girl"... One of 2005's first "very good" records.

I hope everything's alright in Panama and that Luis and the boys are alright.



/feb 1st 2005/