Frank Black & the Catholics

Devil's Workshop
/cooking vinyl; 2002/

rating : 2



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There is something of a cyclic problem in my relationship with Frank Blackís albums. Teenager of the Year is a perfect post coitus warm up for grungy aficionados, the eponymous Frank Black album is a second hand mature album with too much keyboards but itís quite good. Cult of Ray is an inefficient pop rock entity.  I appreciate a lot the first two FB & the Cís records but the third and fourth are almost shit to me. Every two albums, the man who was too loud produces weak albums with nothing much to be saved. I canít understand. FB & the Cís released two albums on the same day, Devilís Workshop and Black Letter Day. My customary music dealer told me this one was the best of the two so I blindly bought it, stupidly thinking this was a new cycle. My mistake. It does not hit me on a gut level at all. Lyrics are completely stupid sometimes and ridiculous on the whole (you say I should try / forgive all your lies / you say I belong / but youíre wrong, etcÖ). Some riffs might have been interesting but they are inevitably spoiled by uninventive dull lead parts or sticky production. The energy of the two tracks recording is not transfigured this time by the energy of the song themselves which are all alike. The country tunes at the end truly finished me off while my roommate joyfully made fun of me. The album is only 33 minutes long, I believe it is too short for someone who likes it and nearly too much for me. I cannot reasonably think that Black Letter Day is a good album, a sort of antithesis, even if it offers 18 tracks, so I came to the conclusion that this part of the cycle is at its end, next albums will be great. Hope is my warrior. 

-Angus Anderson

PS : donít let yourself be misled by this negative review and listen by yourself.

/nov 1st 2002/