Born to Be a Motorcycle
/asthmatic kitty; 2005/






Asthmatic Kitty are on a roll. A few days after having reviewed Half-Handed Cloud's brilliant record, I decide to review Bunky's "Born to Be a Motorcycle." The artwork is really ugly and could make you feel like not checking this record out. It happens. To me, at least. It's great indie/art pop with horns. "Funny Like the Moon" and "Gotta Pee" are some of the best songs i've heard in the long time. It make me think of a Mirah that would break free from politics and embrace pop or of a tamed Deerhoof. There are jazz/vocal blues elements in here, approached with a punk edge. It's a real fun record, containing some of this year's most refreshing songs.

-Barbara H

/apr 1st 2005/