Brendan Benson
/star time; 2002/

rating : 7.5


more info :

I had no idea who Brendan Benson was when I first listened to 'Lapalco.' My pop-music-fan friend told me that the guy had already released a wonderful album in 1996, 'One Mississippi,' which remained unknown to the masses. Just like Ivy's Apartment Life -another overlooked pop masterpiece from the late 90s- it was buried alive by the label (in this case Virgin Records). Six years later, Benson releases his second album on Star Time, a NYC indie label. Half of the songs were written with Jason Falkner (another pop underground hero), who had already helped Benson on 'One Mississippi.' The five songs resulting from this collaboration are pure pop jewels, their only flaw being their flawlessness. The album balances between these shiny 60s power pop songs and more downbeat intimate songs. My two favourites are 'Metarie' and 'Jet Lag', the most quiet songs on the album are also the most touching. The best of the upbeat songs on the album, 'What', is about Benson watching his ex-girlfriend fall for another guy (she's easily confused, I should know cause she fell for the same tricks i once used.) Songs like 'I'm Easy' and 'Good to Me' are the catchiest songs I've heard in a while. This is a perfect summertime album and you're given a chance to get used to it before the sun shines and the temperature rises. Don't miss it !

-Barbara H.