Black Moth Super Rainbow 
Start a People
/70s gymnastics; 2004/



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Saturday, May 8th 2004 (public holiday)

a cosy but really messy apartment. cds, posters, empty coke bottles, cardboard boxes, dirty dishes and plastic bags scattered all over the place. A 23 years old girl is sitting in front of her computer with tired eyes. She's writing a list on a piece of scrambled paper.  

1. Sometimes I really feel out of place.

2. There are so many things I think are wrong it exhausts me. 

3. Being sexy is a hard job but someone has to do it. 

I received this cd today. It's a weird day. We already had a Saturday night yesterday and now it's Saturday again. Almost makes you miss Sunday. It's a half-Saturday, basically, because the biggest shops are open and the small ones are closed, and people just wander about, looking idly stupid. I was given a Pedro the Lion promo cd by friendly indie record shop clerks, mainly because they thought it sucked, but also because they knew we had them play here sometime last year. It does suck, but it was a nice thing to do. Today's weirdest thing was a review of my band's record in an English webzine describing us as "the French Muse."

Black Moth Super Rainbow are super-cool. I've been saying this a lot lately in reviews, but hey, these guys sound like hippies to me. 21st century hippies, who, according to their bio "feel much more at home playing music in the woods or in a barn than in an electro club." Their cute idea is to try to transcribe childhood memories into music (awwwwwww). It's reminiscent of Boards of Canada, Manitoba and Air's Premiers Symptomes. It's analog electronica, warmer than the Summer's sun and as soft as my grandma's puppy's fur (it's real soft). You can wake up to it and feel good. You can bob your head to it and feel cool. You can kiss your honey under the sky dark blue to it and feel soothed. It paints my grey world in yellow, red, orange, green, blue, purple and pink.

Still not Summer, but Black Moth Super Rainbow's Start a People rocks my Spring.

-Barbara "Matthew" H

/may 15th 2004/