Black Eyes

/dischord; 2004/

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I'm in my brand new apartment and i'm feeling really fine. I wouldn't have been able to do this without the help of five brave friends who managed to drag heavy boxes up to the fourth floor. thank you, brave friends!

I like Black Eyes' debut album, it's really inventive and tight, and with unbelievable pieces such as "A Pack of Wolves" it was easily one of last year's best albums. They have split right after having recorded Cough and to be frank i wish they had split before that. They're freewheeling and it just doesn't sound right. There are no songs whatsoever, the album sounds like it's filled with ten exerpts of a band improvising. At first i thought a sax joining the band was a good idea, but its interventions are never focused and most of the time sound like easy improvisations, never as good as free-jazz saxophones can sound. so i'm disappointed, but not enough to resent their debut. It still is a brilliant record and Black Eyes, despite (or, after listening to Cough, thanks to) their short career, will always be remebered in this unbelievable flat as an inventive band and one of Dischord's most impressive signings in quite a while.  

-Barbara H

/aug 1st 2004/