The Berg Sans Nipple
Life If (in four parts)
/bizarrre-k7; 2004/

more info:

It's really cold here. almost freezing in my apartment. I received this cd a while ago, enjoyed it quite a bit and then almost forgot about it. And here it is, the new release by the impressive Berg Sans Nipple.

As you may not be familiar with them, here's a brief but accurate introduction to the band: They're two (2) one frenchman one tall man from nebraska. They've played with everybody making moving music, from Songs:Ohia to Dominique A. You can't really pin them down. They're post rock and slowcore and sometimes more experimental. Their music sounds like a braver, less spaced-out Hood with electronics, samples, horns, real drums and a soft voice. It sounds like the shards of a broken chinese vase glued back together by blind men. There are fast snakes under the apparent mess making it move in peculiar ways, holding everything together. Life If (in Four parts) is impressive and deeply coherent. This is the best 2004 record i forgot to tell you about.

-Barbara H

/feb 1st 2005/