/self-released; 2002/

rating : 6.5


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The huge wave of new-metal has been rolling on the music market for the past 2 years, progressively chasing out every other metallic style. It seems that nothing original will ever emerge again in the next decade. Against such a standardization of heavy rock, letís say that Belladone is both traditional and original. This four track EP is their own, but one can notice their influences easily. Some basic metal, some R.A.T.M, some Deftones, some stereotypes and some strokes of inspiration. The lyrics are courageously in French but regularly impossible to understand, while  my pop-rock tradition tells me the singing lacks melody. The songs are concise and efficient, but in terms of sound, I must say that it is paradoxically very clean for a self made record. In fact, the meticulous production understate the energy one can appreciate live. The five guys have worked together for almost a year for the scene, and it works. They master their repertoire and deliver it with great intensity. From now on, they will be playing for experience and recognition. Letís hope for best.

-Angus Anderson