The Arcade Fire
Cold Wind 7"
/merge; 2005/


The Six Feet Under finale was one of the most dramatic TV finales ever, i found myself sitting stupidly in front of my tv, patiently waiting for tears to come -they never do. The thing is that you develop addictions through TV shows, you get used to the characters, you keep on praying that the stupid writers will stop putting them in awful positions and they never stop, it feels 100% real, all the time, and most of the time that reality turns out to be horrible.

The Arcade Fire's Funeral sounds real too, and like the tv show this new song was written for, it sounds deeply human, simple and touching. Win Butlers keeps on bawling about death and all i want to do is give him a hug and a pat on the shoulder. "Cold Wind" sounds bare compared to Funeral's profusion of instruments and it works wonderfully this way, actually sounding like cold wind blowing, totally in sync with the whole Six Feet Under atmosphere. A definite keeper to have around, in case you feel like feeling sad.

The B-side is a cover of old jazz standard "Brazil" and here too they give the song a confused, lo-fi and warm approach, Butler bawls and bawls (about going back to Brazil) and I still feel like giving him a hug and a pat on the shoulder. I just keep on falling for this shit, no matter what the band pulls off, and something tells me i'm not the only one.

 - Barbara H

/sept 1st 2005/