The Abrahams 
The Abrahams
/pilgrim; 2002/

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    The Abrahams is a two-piece group from Edinburgh. Their 6 tracks cd is made of short, simple folk and country songs. I like short folk songs because I tend to become bored when they last more than say, 4 minutes.

 ‘Andy & I’ which is apparently considered as the ‘hit’ of the cd is a gentle folk song in which the ragtime piano creates a jaunty atmosphere. The sweet male voice and the naïve melody makes this song really sound like their fellow countrymen Belle & Sebastian. The other songs don’t make you think of Belle & Sebastian. Indeed, they convey a different impression because they are sung by a girl whose voice is, by the way, rather beautiful.

‘Gone in the city’ is a quiet, lovely, melancholy piano song which reminds me of the first Whistler album. ‘Morning light’ is a beautiful folk song. It’s my favourite one on this mini-lp. The melody seems very familiar though and the guitar line reminds me of ‘I found a reason’ by The Velvet Underground. (On the other songs, the guitar arrangements may remind you of Loaded from time to time.)

The last song is called ‘Kid On’ and it’s a catchy country tune. ‘Oh Catherine’ and ‘I walk in the room’ are other country songs but this one is more lively thanks to the male voice (which reappears) and the piano.

These simple songs are good but somehow I’ve got the feeling to have already heard them a lot of times played by various groups.

-Blacklisted Igor

/sept  15th 2002/