/warp; 2005/



I just don’t know anymore.  Aside from Confield (their singular, utterly interesting abstract electroscape), Autechre has not been grabbing my attention in the past few years (and by few I mean almost ten, not counting Confield).  I mean, Autechre still sound unique on every disc, but I just can’t tell if they’ve been maturing throughout this later part of their career.  Untilted harkens back to some of the more beat driven material of their past, shying away form the abstract soundscapes of Confield.  But Tri Repetea++ this ain’t.

To be honest, I don’t know where the songs are and I’m not sure that is part of the point.  To me, Autechre has reached a stage in their career where the sounds matter the most, structure and coherence be damned.  Sort of the way Boredoms went all crazy, tribal dance on us (praying to Sun God’s and whatnot), I think this is Autechre at their most—can we say, spiritual?  The only reason I say this is because I recently attended their set here in Toronto and it was one of the headiest experiences of my year.  No lights (just a glow beside the duo’s kits), almost no talking, lots of substance abuse and fucked up robot-with-a-heart-and-a-few-bolts-loose dancing.  Everyone in the joint looked as if no one else was there, their eyes half open and their bodies reacting totally abnormal; the music was tossing them around with every angular, heavy-assed beat.  These are the type of things I think the band is focusing on now.  This is the type of music that is on Untilted (for the most part).

“Is it good, Andrew?” 

Well, when’s the last time you prayed to a black light?

 - Andrew Iliadis

/june 15th 2005/