Arab Strap

Monday at the Hug and Pint
/chemikal underground; 2003/




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Sobering up is an arduous task and some of us will probably never even try to achieve it. A little like growing up I guess. Some people comfort themselves in teenage haircuts, vulgar jokes and drinking games. To me it seems that Aidan Moffat is serious about being wasted. A wise drunk man if you will. 

There's a line that fits so well in The Shy Retirer, the album's opener, that it moves me, despite its apparent banality: We've got so much to discuss. Even hobos can love. The song is moving because under the apparent euphoria there is a man willing to admit his wrong doings. Violins, dance beats and Moffat's passionate, almost romantic delivery add up and clothe his wounded heart. There is a very thin line between euphoria and despair and the song keeps on oscillating from one to the other. Moffat may look like a bum but he's probably more respectable than most of your friends. As my slacker friend told me: vanity, everything is vanity. 

I love the album because of the bittersweet balance between Moffat's sincere disillusioned voice and the beautiful orchestrations. I wanted to make a list of my favourites but really there is not one misstep in the album. Serenade is my second favourite but most of the songs are incredibly above the average. Perfect for violent Spring moodswings.


/apr 15th 2003/