Animal Collective 
Sung Tongs
/fat cat; 2004/



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At first i wanted to tell you about Vincent Gallo, but then i realized that it wasn't really appropriate, so instead i'll tell you about my hair. I know it's ridiculously girlish but hey, it's getting harder and harder to find totally superfluous stuff to introduce those crippled reviews.


So i'm not feeling really good, mainly because of that stupid weather, and also because of the past month spent sustaining a multiple virus attack (MVA). But girls like it when my hair is shorter. I decided to have it cut the day after watching that stoopid Weezer dvd and having it done felt good. It always astonishes me how shallow girls can be. Men are superfluous, but in a more physical way. it's like 1+1=2: they want sex, they see a cute girl, sha-bam. I don't know why girls react to that kind of things, since they would run away or give me a fake phone number if i tried to chat them up. Anyway, that's out of question, i don't chat up girls. or boys. 


Anyway. The way they look at me puzzles me. It would be flattering if i were not such a cerebral bitch. 


Thank you for your patience. Now here's the review.   


I don't really want to know anything about Animal Collective -aside from their music of course- sometimes it's better to leave things shrouded in mystery. To me they sound like hippies. But cool, friendly hippies. Slightly pathetic of course, but still friendly and clean. Drugs are involved, but nothing dangerous. Nothing evil or negative, just like in a Miyazaki movie.


I like Spirit They've Gone, Spirit They've Vanished, I can't stand Danse Manatee and I really like Sung Tongs. I'll translate in Californian for west coast readers: Danse Manatee: Okay. Sung Tongs: Super. Now you can go back to the beach or take cocaine or go back to work at that stupid restaurant or do whatever you sun-tanned freaks do. 


For the others. Listening to Sung Tongs is a nice, cosy experience. You feel transported in a sunny and warm field, with a lake nearby, you can hear children play and laugh, there's your daily honey lying close to you whispering childishly beautiful lines into your numb ears. It sounds like traditional afro-american pipe and drum music, wild and organic, an innocent celebration of life through nature. Sung Tongs sounds like music made by little furry creatures or gentle wild boys. It reaches the boundary between man and animal and happily dance upon it, spreading good vibes all around for a healthy karma.


I can't be in the mood for this all the time, but this is a great album to be lazy to and i can't wait to wake up with it on a finally warm and sunny morning. 


-Barbara H

/may 1st 2004/