Silence is Better than Nothing

/self released; 2003/




more info:

Ridiculously unreal things keep on happening to me and I have the feeling that I'm becoming more and more humble through time. It's all about ups and downs, violent moodswings and aching pride. I wish it were easier.

This is probably the best self released cd we've received so far, with the exception of Call Me Loretta's Scars and A Place for Parks' The Bright Period. It doesn't mean that it's unbelievably awesome though. Don't get your hopes too high, you'll never stop falling. It's reminiscent of Hood's Cold House, especially the two first tracks, the brilliant The Virus and Sugarhorse. These two songs are clearly above the average and will probably help Angle to get attention. Andrew Richards' soft voice and smart delivery are underlined by clever melodies, beats and samples. Three tracks are superfluous : the two com.a, which remind me of Sylvain Chauveau's equally superfluous Granulations and a Debaser cover. The end of the album is not as immediately impressive as the beginning, but still, despite a few missteps and an obvious Hood influence, Angle never fail to impress. The complex I'll Never Let You Sleep keeps on evolving, moving like a metal slug through familiar landscapes while Silence is Better than Nothing, despite an uncomfortable, cold intimacy (i can't cry no matter how hard i try) closes the album with sad eyes and a painful smile. 

-Barbara H

/may 1st 2003/