And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
Sources, Tags and Codes

/interscope; 2002/

rating : 9 


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This is one of the best albums released so far this year. The first two albums of this Texan band had me interested but not impressed, even though one could feel that there was some big potential within the band. "Mistakes & Regrets" was a great single. Before talking about the music i just want to tell you how cool i think these guys are. They break stuff on stage, switch instruments, are permanently drunk, actually know something about art and seem to be friends with every cool band out there.

 So. I got "Sources, Tags & Codes." According to Conrad Keely (guitar/vocals/drums) this is the album they've been wanting to release since long. It features nice discreet arrangements and a bunch of high-quality songs. They're all good. No kidding. It is a collage of very different songs that succeeds in making sense in the end.  

By listening to "Sources, Tags and Codes" I've felt like I'd just discovered the best hidden US rock'n'roll secret. Melodies are there, more controlled and disciplined than in the band's two first albums and the fury is there as well, coupled with neo-romantic lyrics ("It's ok, I'm a saint, I forgave your mistakes" --Relative Ways) and voices on the edge of breaking apart. Voices. Cause there are three songwriters in AKWKUbtToD, an ambiguous multi-headed beast that cannot be understood as easily as you could understand most of today's bands. And what you thought was going to be a cool punk record with screams and stuff ends up being a fascinating piece of work made by one of the most promising bands out there. 

-Barbara H.