This Is Where Our Hearts Collide
/fat cat; 2005/


Amandine is a swedish band, yet they sound like they're from old dusty Ohio. They play graceful alt. country / folk reminiscent of Songs:Ohia and Iron & Wine, bands to which they can be compared without shame. The record is filled with sincere, touching songs, classic in form but never bland. The band masters the alliance of quietness and slow tempos, leaving a decent amount of space for singer Olof Gidlöf's vocals to flow in, and throws a reasonable amount of melodies in the spaces left. "Stitches" and "Blood and Marrow" are songs Jason Molina could have written, weren't he lost in Neil-Young-Tribute-Band-Land. Even though Amandine may sound out of place in their own country, This Is Where Our Hearts Collide is a charming record, the genre's best since Iron & Wine's Our Endless Numbered Days, and a precious album to have around for cold and lonely Autumn nights.

-Barbara H

/sept 1st 2005/