e-mail interview with Yasumi Okano - may 9th 2002
by Barbara H

wrnng : Yasumi Okano is not stupid, he's just being caustic. and japanese.

How are you ?

I`m fine. thank you.

We really like your album and we were wondering who are Xinlisupreme, so, who are you? how old are you ?

XINLISUPREME is Poor,shit,rats,..

There is a definite My Bloody Valentine influence in most of your songs (like "All You Need is Love was not True" or "Amaryllis"), do you consider them as an important band ? Who else do you consider as being influential to you ?

XINLISUPREME is not influence My bloody valentine well.
I dont like Kevin Shields well.
I don`t like 90`s alternative rock well.
Their are highest.
I don`t like highest.
I think Real rock music is not highest.

What does "xinlisupreme" means (if it means anything) ?

X is Xmas, I is idle, N is necktie, L is L size cola , I is ice-cream S is sharon is, U is ugly ,P is penis, R is rape ,E is everyday, M is Man(sharon) E is enjoy sharon!!.....fuck off.

Do you play live shows ? If so do you intend on coming to play in Europe ?

I hope play in Europe. cause, I want go art museum.
I steal many picture. I need your cooperation. O.K? let`s steal many many..

You’re from Japan, we know almost nothing about the Japanese rock scene (apart from Ruins, Guitar Wolf etc…) what does it look/sound like ? Is it hard to be in a Rock band in Japan ?

Rock band is dangerous!! cause The police arrest rock band in japan if play music.
HElp! baaaaaannnn! I died now.

"Fatal Sisters Opened Umbrella" really freaked me out when I first listened to it, it has a intense dramatic quality, do you have an explanation about it ?

Thank you.
"Fatal Sisters Opened Umbrella" is extra song for you.

Some songs have a better recording quality than others, how did you record this album ?

XINLISUPREME have recording SONY studio,and MCA Studio,EMI studio,etc.. in NY,LONDON,TOKYO,PARI,MOSCOW,etc...

Why did you choose the English language for lyrics and song titles ?

I think English is vague language.

Who are Suzu and Kyoro ?

small & smile

What music did you start playing first : electronica or rock (or both) ?


Have you released other albums/eps in Japan ?

1st is "XINLISUPREME falling love"
2nd is "XINLISUPREME go to space"
3rd is "XINLISUPREME fight evil for peace"
4th is "XINLISUPREME play tennis"
and more...

Here are ten silly question :

What are you going to do tonight ?

I watch TV tonight.
and go to bed.

What becomes of the broken-hearted ?

I become Strokes member. Cause for make money.. make many girl friend...

Do you believe in ghosts ?

Of course.
I help you.

Do you like mystery ?

I like erotic than mystery.

In a fight between Spiderman and Batman, who would win ?

Of course, Batman win.
Because He can fly.
He said loudly for all people from sky.
"Spiderman is penis!! spiderman is erotic!!"

Maybe spiderman become broken-heart...

Which movie star (dead or alive) would you like to date ?

Their lived no color or down color movie.
Movie of today is very clear.... I don`t like well.

Is 'Under a Clown' about a sexual intercourse with, well, a Clown ?

This song is my old story.

If you were allowed to kill someone who would it be ?

I want receive money of life insurance.

Have you ever killed someone ?

father,brother,sister,grand father,grand mother...

What is your favourite memory, ever ?

I picked up pornography today.
I`m lucky today.
You want it?

Thank you very much

very Sorry many strange and silly answers.

good day