The Walkmen
e-mail interview with Hamilton Leithauser - jan. 28th 2002
by Barbara H

I really like your ep, does the lp have a different sound, or is it a "follow up" to what's been already introduced by the ep ?

the "ep" was actually a single that blossomed itself into an ep. two of those songs will be on the album.

Piano plays a very important role in the songs, how did you end up using it as a lead instrument?

we just bought the piano and started playing it.  we liked the sound so we used it more.

There is a definite 80s pop/rock/new wave influence in your songs, from early U2 to late Joy Division, but some songs are reminiscent of an older music, "We've Been had" has a kind of "cabaret" feeling, do you consider cabaret music as one of your influences ?

actually no...not that I'm aware.  you may know better than I do. that song is bouncy.

After the success of the Strokes, and the signing of the Moldy Peaches and ARE Weapons on Rough Trade, the British press started talking a lot about the NYC "scene", did it make it easier for you to find a label?

no. not one bit.  I think that writers care about the scene, not labels.

What do you think of the whole "NYC scene" hype? do you see it globally as a good or a bad thing ?

it seems there are several bands doing well here at the moment. good for them!

What is your favourite memory as a musician ?

watching Pete Bauer (the bass man) deliver an impromptu post-show speech to a room full of us, friends, and strangers, titled "Why I'm a Walking Joke".

ok, now here are ten silly questions...

"was you ever bit by a dead bee" ?

wow. when I was young I stepped on a dead bee to prove that it couldn't sting me, and it stung the holy hell out of my bare foot.

What becomes of the broken hearted ?

no idea.

do you have a plan ?

yes. a bad plan.

What do you think of sunrise?

I don't.

Do you like moustaches ?

If I could grow one, I would.  I'd rather have a big blonde beard like some Nordic nightmare.

Favourite band and worst favourite band of the moment ? this moment in front of the computer...I'd say the Rolling Stones

Are you insomniac ? How do you cope with it ?

I take tylenol pm...wait, why I am typing this?

Which Hollywood Star (dead or alive) would you like to date ?

maria schriver--dead.

Do you have a hero ? who is it ?

I don't think so.

What was your very first song about ?


thanks a lot !

thank you.

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