september 2005
interview with Phil Naumann by Andrew Iliadis

Andrew Iliadis: Sybris? An on purpose misspelling of the famous ancient Greek city? Do you promote hedonism?

Of course, it's the ghetto spelling.

AI: I read that the band officially started when you guys met Angela in a bar. Was your initial intention not so band oriented? What lead you to discover that, hey, she'd be a perfect fit for the band?

Shawn and I (Phil ) had been looking for a female voice to play with at open mics, alot of open mics. The first time we played together we knew it was right.

AI: The guitars on the abum are huge. So are the drums. So are the vocals. Is this the work of Mike Lust, the phantom manor [studio] or a particular decision on your part? Live you guys must be amazing (feel free to say that you really are).

Mike really gets a great live sound and John Congelton, who did the mixing, does a great job of making an album sound uniquely different than a live show. Records never sound as good as a live show but we're really happy with this one.

AI: Are you touring? Have you toured a lot?

It seems we are either on tour, about to go on tour or just getting back from tour. It's a perpetual state. We all love playing live so we play as many shows as we can.

AI: Who are some of the bands you've toured with already? Any big or big-ish names that have asked you to open/tour with them....?

We had some one off shows with some big names, The Thrills, Har Mar Superstar, Trail of the Dead, Stars, but we've been touring on our own so far.

AI: When are you coming to Toronto? France?

Everything will hit in 2006. We'll be in Toronto I think in February, keep an eye on it. We're about to release the record on a Spanish label, Touch Me Records, and we'll play some European dates soon after.

AI: Do you have an interesting anecdote about something thats happened along your tour?

Well, let's just say in the West Texas town of El Paso I fell in love with a Mexican girl. Really every night is an interesting anecdote.

AI: Who writes the lyrics? They are very spare. I like that.

Angela writes the lyrics. It must be her poetry degree coming through.

AI: Who are some of Angela's fav vocalists? What are some of the guitar records that have influenced you guys? Sometimes those guitars sound like bells. I like that.

Morrisey, Sam Cook, Diana Ross. I've (Phil) have always thought the Flaming Lips "Hit to Death In the FutureHead" and Hum "Electra 2000" are some of the best guitar sounds I've ever heard.

AI: How'd ya sign to Flameshovel? Do they treat you good?

Well we're only signed to do this one record with Flameshovel, so we'll be free agents of sorts for the next release. Flameshovel has been great, especially the back rubs.

AI: What's in the future for Sybris?

Dance parties, lots of dance parties.


1. If you could travel in time, where would you go and what would you do?

Eric : Estelle's in Chiacgo on a Tuesday night in 1883.

2. What's your favorite pick-up line?

Shawn : Hi.

3. What freaks the hell out of you?

Angela : Quivering things.

4. If you could date any movie star (dead or alive) who would it be?

Phil : Marilyn Monroe, I know it's cliche but Athur Miller and Joe DiMaggio tagged that.

5. What do you look like when you wear a tuxedo?

We're all slobs so we really clean up nice.

6. Where's the party?

In Atlanta or on a late night drive through Nebraska.

7. If you were an animal, which one would you be?

Angela : Bird of Prey

8. What have you been dreaming about lately?

Killer whales, beverley, modern english.

9. What becomes of the broken hearted?

Do they go to Estelles too?

/october 2005/