aug 26th 2002 - e-mail interview

hi. sorry for the long long long long delay. I have been traveling a lot this summer and if I am away from my mailbox for more than 2 days, it becomes full. so I never received this interview from Brian at monitor until 4 days ago. again apologies, and thanks for the interview. 

Can you introduce yourself ?? Who are you ?? Where are you from ?? Did you play in other bands before OXES ??

We are Oxes. My name is Ghost Logik. The others, Marco Mirror and Han Sum, are together with me from the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area. We have played in Internatial Soundscape Internationale and Haberdasher. One released a self released record. Haberdasher released one 7" and one LP on Reptilian Records. A few unreleased songs are being released soon.

How did everything start ?? How did you sign to monitor records ??

We started when our bands were being too serious. We signed to Monitor when an alcoholic owner of monitor told us that he was friends with Don Caballero.

The lp called 'Oxes' was released in 2000. What does the drawing on the lp represent ?? Are they other Oxes records ??

There are other oxes records. We have 3 7"s, a split EP with Big'n, a 10" performance, and a new LP. The records are spread out over all sorts of different labels.
The drawings represent a money making scheme common in the US, called a "pyramid scheme." You give money to the top of the pyramid, find others to be under you and then you 'graduate' with lots of money. But no one realizes until they start the game that they need to find 20 or more people that are willing to find 20 or more people who are willing to find 20 or more people to give money to the pyramid so that the one at the top can 'graduate.'

When will you release your next lp ?? What about the banned sleeve ?? (what is it and why has it been banned ??)

The CD has been released. The next one will be released in 2004. The sleeve of the LP is banned because of the nudity. In the USA people are very very religious. It's a small minority of people who make the action films and pornography in California, a state that was cursed by the Indians to destroy the rest of America. The religious people don't agree with nudity or drugs or Thailand red bull. So our cover can't be shown. Now we sell it in black plastic.

Is there songs with lyrics/vocals on your new album or is it still entirely instrumental ??

It's still entirely instrumental. Sometimes we look for a European female singer.

Why is it that you don't have a singer ?? Is it something you chose right from the start or did it happen that no one wanted to sing/talk/shout or that you did not find the proper person ??

no one wanted to sing but Marco did a little on our first songs. But it ruined our running around the club because he would have to go back to the stage to sing in the mic. So we just stayed instrumental.

Do you plan to tour in Europe soon ??

Well we finished a very long European one. Maybe next year we will do tour number 3.

Is there only one guitar on stage ??

Usually, the other guitar is usually in the audience.

I know that it is quite annoying to talk about influences but when I listen to Oxes, I feel like that you've been listening a lot to Shellac and June of 44, am I right ??

We used to. I used to listen to shellac A LOT when I was 18-21. Now not so much. I still like the songs though, but my main influences are techno, African tribal and tribal influenced music, and music from Pakistan and Morocco.

Do you feel close to the "math rock" scene ??

No, we dont. We really never understood it and really dont consider it to be a 'scene.'

Ok, here are some silly, off-beat questions:

- Was you ever bit by a dead bee ??

yes, i sat on it when i was at Hershey park when i was 7.

- What freaks the hell out of you ??

nothing. things just fascinate me now. maybe big ugly insects would freak me out. Or a raccoon in my house.

- What's your favourite chord ??

the one that i can play the fastest in whatever standing position i am in at any time. It always changes. I dont even know chords.

- How do you look like in a tuxedo ??

Really great if it fits me properly but we are short guys, its hard to find that stuff.

- What is your favourite pick-up line ??

Are you here tonight to drink or to fuck?

- Favourite and worst favourite band of the moment ??

Favorite: Bugo (from Italy)
Least Favorite: (this is too difficult a question)

- Since when America has gone wrong ??

World War II. Absolute Power corrupts.

- Black Sabbath or Beatles ??

Beatles. More complex.

- What is your favourite curse word ??

the one i use the most: merde

- What question would you ask in this list ??

How did you get into making music?



/pic by dennis drenner, taken from www.monitorrecords.com/ultimaterebel/