Mercury Rev - jonathan Donahue
nov 13th 2001 - Inrockuptibles festival, Toulouse, Fr
by SEB WOOd, Barbara H and El Compila Funkistador

Barbara H: "All is Dream" is quite a convenient title for the record, did you choose it intentionally ? I heard that you write songs out of dreams you have...

hmmm sort of in a very youngy and way of archetypes and things like this, they're not really my dreams, but they have a symbolism, a metaphor that can apply to dreams that i have, you know, basically like anybody else trying to work things out in your mind, to make a balance in your own life...

BH: You started working with Jack Nietsche, was it hard to deal with his death in the middle of the recording process?

yeah, as somebody you know when they die and you could have done much more with them...

BH: Are you going to release the songs as they were produced by him?


BH: Do you have news from the Flaming Lips?

no, only from Mercury Rev

El CompilaFunkistador: Did they ask you to collaborate to their christmas movie project ?

no, i haven't spoken to Wayne (Coyne, Flaming Lips singer/leader) in a while

BH: With Deserter's Songs you reached a higher state of popularity, did it feel like a reward?

no, it just felt good.

BH: You've covered two songs from Neil Young's "Up the Beach" (as b sides), is it a special record to you ?

yes, one of my favourites.

BH: What do you think of the bands you've been touring with during this festival?

I really enjoy them, i really enjoy Lift to Experience and Elbow, i think that there are a lot of young bands that are doing some really good things

SEB WOOd: What exactly are the relationship between Hopewell and Mercury Rev?

oh, that's easy, two of te memebers in Hopewell, Jason and Justin used to be our touring musicians, we would hire hire them and they would play the bass and the piano, but they're doing Hopewell full time now, they don't tour with us.


Thanks fellows

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