Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia
e-mail interview - mar 18th 2002
by SEB WOOd and Blacklisted Igor

- How everything started ??

I entered a demo tape into a local bands competition and then found I had to find a band.  Anyway a few of us had been playing together for a while and it kind of fell into place...

- I like very much your name. Why "Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia"??

No real reason.  I quite like long band names 'cause they're fun.  MBICR was just something which popped up when tim was taking the piss out of band names I was coming up with.  I then jumped on it and we've stuck with it through thick and thin...

- Aren't you disgusted that CCCP shirts are fashionable at the moment (I am; when I was a child I was fascinated by CCCP and I guess it still goes so I am disgusted that fashion victim sluts wear this symbol while they don't know what it represents...)

Have to admit I haven't really given it that much attention.  I'm generally pretty clueless about what is and is not fashionable.  Sadly.

- Why "Indian Ink" ??

We couldn't think of anything better.  Its dark and musty.  One reviewer
said it was indelible which is an interesting word to have attached to us.
It also carries on the country theme, although unintentionally!  We need
another country name for the new EP coming out maybe Chinese torture or
something...  No, not really.

- I know it's bothering to talk about influences but your music reminds me of Prolapse (which is one of my favourite band). What do you think of them ??

Funny you should say that because apparently the guys from Prolapse really like our stuff.  I have to admit I've hardly heard them, but I've got a tape one of my friends copied for me which seems really good.  I keep on meaning to listen properly...

- Were you into white noise/shoegazing in the end of the 80's/ beginning of 90's ??

I was a bit young actually - retrospectively I like a lot of those bands.
Hmmmmm......   white noise.  I could listen to it all day.

- I heard a song from the Peel Sessions with a male voice. Is it a sample or your voice ?? Do you plan to add a male voice to the other one ??

The male voice in the Peel Sessions is a sample for a DJ Shadow concert
where he's introducing himself 'I've come all the way from Dublin and I
haven't even changed my T-shirt!'.  I don't know why it is there but it was amusing since it was written when tim and emily had been to dublin, and knowing emily she probably hadn't changed her T-shirt either.

- Could you describe Oxford's music scene ??

Incestuous.  I've escaped to London by the skin of my teeth.  Some very good bands though.  Rock of Travalta are an amazing live band and Radiohead are improving too.  Supergrass are a bit dull though...

- What do you intend to do soon ??

Go to sleep.  May make some food.  I'm not too sure.  I might write a song this evening actually.  Bit sad since it is saturday but I've had a full day in the London science museum watching childrens science shows about bubbles. The lady who demonstrated made a square bubble inside a wire cube and then put smoke in it.  She also made bubbles with methane (CH4) and set fire to the bubbles!  It was meant for three year olds, but I'm a bit tired now so I might just sleep.

In terms of the band we are releasing a limited edition handmade CD soon
which should be very good the way things are going.  It will be pretty
personal and there will only be about 70 made since we haven't enough time to sow up more material to put the CDs in!

OK, here are offbeat questions....

- Was you ever bit by a dead bee ??

No.  I'd like to try it though.  I think a be might well have died biting me but that's a bit different I think.  I've probably been bit by a suicidal bee.  My mum once swallowed a bee.

- Do you like football ??


- What becomes of the broken-hearted ??

They cry a little and then go and listen to some sad songs, before getting bored of being broken-hearted and finding something better to do.

- Do you like moustache ??

I don't know.  Curly ones I guess.

- Are you a manic record-collector ??

When I can afford it.  I'm a manic record-listener.

- Who is a role model ??

Someone who inspires people to do more then just sit around.

- What do you think of THE THIRD MAN ??

Very good book.  But then I only read the first chapter because it had to go back to the library.  The beginning was set in a cafe wasn't it? Or maybe a train station.  It was a while ago.

- Favourite band and worst favourite band of the moment ??

My favorite bands at the moment are all old.  But then sonic youth are cool as well.  Hmmmm....   Worst favorite band would be us I think.

- Which Hollywood star would you like to date (dead or alive) ??

Sorry I can't think of a single one I'd like to date...

- Who is not lucky ??

people born in nasty places.