Cobra Killer
October 19th 2004 - Nouveau Casino, Paris
interview with Gina and Anita by Grib and Nat. Concert report, pics and drawings by Grib

the concert

First of all, How can they be both so beautiful? does anyone can explain that to me?

Anyway, I knew I had to be prepared for anything, but i was excited. They arrived with black leather coats, bottle of red wine in hands, and launched the music by pushing the "start" button of their minidisc player. "ok then, it's more a show than a concert." it was for sure.

But even if the music wasn't the priority, they managed to dance, to jump into the crowd, to violently fall on the stage on their built-up stiletto kneels, to sprinkle themselves with wine, to do hoola-hoop AND to sing right, all at the same time. (which i couldn't do, for example).

I guess you enjoy the show better if you know the album. it was impressive, especially because it's both really punk and really cute. It always feels good to see that the persons on stage like what they do, and don't doubt about it.

I was very disapointed by the audience (Paris...). They were surprised and kept laughing all the time, but they were unable to dance or even just move on rhythm (except the usual smashed guys on the front). But as they were saying after the show, it wasn't the right place for them. (they had foreseen a rough-nag-electro set right after). Quote : "it'd have fit more if they had put us before a Tom Waits gig.. we don't do club music."

I had a really good time.. even if i got splashed with red wine.

the interview
(it looks like bits of it were lost somewhere, here's what we have:)

Can you introduce yourselves ? Let us know about your musical background before Cobra Killer ? How did you discover music first, your first step in the music business, etc... ?

Hello, we are Cobra Killer. We have been doing music since we were born.

Where or how did you find this name Cobra Killer ?

Cobra Killer was the only name that fitted.

Can you tell us more about your first albums for Digital Hardcore Recordings and Valve34 ? Can you describe them ?

Without our first two records we couldn't have done a third one. We are very proud of what we have composed within the last 30 years.

How do you see the evolution of your music and your singing with "76/77" ? Are they your birth's dates ?

Annika was born on the 77th of May, Gina was born on 76th of September. As we develop personally, our music does as well.

Do you like to be compared with the Chicks On Speed, Le Tigre or Peaches ? Are they "models" for you, in a way ?

No because musically it is all very different from each other. It is unfortunate but we had to answer this question about a 1000 times and we don`t understand it. Why don't you ask us about musicians that were important to us? (please don't take that personally) we like these bands personally very much.

Two girls and a sampler : is it a choice, an easier way to express yourselves on stage ?

It is not about the tool-it is about the person behind it. We don't use only a sampler on stage.

Do you think that your music reflects today's Berlin ?

Yes, also-but not what you mean...


/nov 15th 2004/